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Lung Detox: Is It Time for A Cleanse?

"Comfrey, would you marry me?" asked Mullein. "A definite yes!" THE END!
These two herbs are a match made in heaven for your respiratory system. How can that be?

Let us look back on some history.

If you follow us on Instagram than you know a little bit of history on Mullein and Comfrey already (go follow now🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️@herbetarian ). Let us start with Mullein!

Latin Name Verbascum Thapsus or the Great Mullein is a wildly distributed plant being found all over Europe, in temperate Asia, and in North America. It is exceedingly abundant as a naturalized Herb in the eastern states of America. It grows throughout Britain, except in the extreme north of Scotland. It is found growing on banks, by roadsides, and on waste ground, more especially on gravel, sand, or chalky soil. It flowers during July and August. Therefore, I always buy in bulk!

The Great Mullein is the most valuable remedy in all pulmonary complaints. It has a special affinity🥰 for the respiratory organs and is considered by some authorities to be more curative in tuberculosis, coughs, bronchitis, etc., than comfrey, lungwort, pleurisy root, or any other Herb used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Mullein is not only a great plant, but is also an important remedy for tuberculosis, and other dreadful pathological conditions. In Ireland, mullein is considered a specific for all lung troubles, and is extensively cultivated there and kept on hand for that purpose. In England, the Great Mullein has been used medicinally for HUNDREDS of years and is mentioned in almost EVERY Medical Herbal Book (let me just sit this here🍵).

If you read my post about Chondrus Crispus (2nd post) on how POTASSIUM and CALCIUM PHOSPHATE does wonders to your body, pay attention, especially, to the fact that Mullein contains both POTASSIUM and CALCIUM PHOSPHATE also. These two organic salts are necessary for the NERVOUS SYSTEM and BONE STRUCTURE. As the ravaging effect of tuberculosis is, to feed on all the tissues of the body until they are literally wasted away. It may be, and probably is, on account of the presence of these two vital salts, that the Great Mullein is so remarkably effective in checking this disease. I swear by this herb so much that I drink it on the daily. I give it to my kids (1 year old and 3years old) daily. Mullein is just like Chondrus Crispus, you can take as much as you want with no side effects, and we take plenty. Look I can go on and on about Great Mullein, but wouldn’t you like to know about Comfrey, too? Geez.😌
Latin Name Symphytum Officinale or Comfrey is the Great Healer of bone and flesh, and cell proliferate. This herb is a native of Europe, but has become naturalized in America and grows in moist soil and low ground in almost all parts of U.S. This is for my chemistry lovers out there👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 (me <3 chemistry) Allantonin, (C-4, H-6, N-4, 0-3), is the most remarkable substance found plentifully in the urine of pregnant women and animals, also in the urine of newly born babies. So, for all of you that clean your face with baby pee, you might be on to something🤔. It has been found in the germ of wheat, in French peas and several other legumes. Allantoin is undoubtedly a cell proliferate, having something to do with genesis of cells, and it seems to act on both animal and vegetable cells. The discovery of allantoin in comfrey root and the investigation of its cell proliferating action has led to the belief that comfrey owes its powerful healing virtues to allantoin. Many Herbalists in the Middle Ages and today considered The Great Comfrey almost infallible as an external and internal remedy for wounds, bruises, and ulcers, for phlegm, for spitting of blood, ruptures, hemorrhoids, etc. --- for ulcers of the stomach, and liver especially, the root was regarded as being of sovereign virtue. It is precisely for such complaints as these that allantoin obtained from the rhizome of the plant is now prescribed.
You can also give Comfrey to children by mouth and by poultice (bandage). I read and listen to a lot of doctors, herbalist, and just here Sayers that you should not use Comfrey externally because it can be poisonous. If you are like me and love to research, then you have nothing to worry about.
Comfrey has been used for centuries externally and internally and it cures both ways. I give my family my Mullein and Comfrey Loose Leaf Tea (check my shop) maybe twice or once a week. When you stop listening and start learning for yourself and your family than finding the right products for your family is a breeze.
Therefore, HERBETARIAN is a family-owned business. I love when my family and friends come to me about health-related issues instead of going to the hospital. Let me be noticeably clear about health-related issues meaning not just cuts and bruises, but obesity compliant, cancer related complaints, abortions, menstruations, pneumonia, ADHD, IBS, etc. I have so many books, not today herbal books, but the old books dated back 1800's and older. I talk to the older generation about their tactics on health and hunt for those old mom and pop shops that always has antique books.

So, if you have questions or just want to know about an herb(s), do not hesitate to ask. We want to help and remember to love yourself and spread compassion!

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